4 Gluten Freedom

How to Keep a Healthy Mind & Body in a World of Gluten Chaos? It would be nice if you could follow a magical guide of “10 easy steps to always stay healthy when you are gluten free” but we all know that it’s Not THAT easy…So I write a blog and get it all out there! I am a Gluten free Foodie, Mom & Dog Lover! Passionate about a good laugh, a healthy lifestyle & Gluten Free Cooking.

I’ll share thoughts and experiences, what makes me angry and happy, gluten mistakes I’ve made (and you can avoid), the recipes that make me droll in my sleep and the small simple things that make me smile every morning. Here’s something else about me: I laugh a lot…and I love to make people laugh. We should always try to pursue happiness in life, it’s very important for our soul and our g64-happy-people-copyneral health…For me happiness is not about things or about how successful you are at your job…It’s about relationships and being compassionate, it’s about trying not to have regrets and practicing calmness and meditation to get there.

I love to be creative in the kitchen, my husband says I look like a mad scientist sometimes…and It’s probably true…I browse recipes for inspiration every day, learn new things and try new ingredients so that me and my taste buds or as I like to call them “naughty taste buddies” can create delicious gluten free recipes!