Truth Bar

What is the truth bar? The truth bar is a nutritionally designed bar that “does as you do”.

By design, the truth bar was born with the intention to heal the gut, nourish the body and bring sustained energy and proper macronutrient balance to your body.

Why are we different? The truth bar is the first digestive health focused Prebiotic and Probiotic snack bar.

Our Ingredients:  We make Truth Bars only with purposeful ingredients. Guided by science and driven by balance, our products aim to satisfy your sweet tooth while remaining nutrient-dense and free of junk.  We made our great tasting bars from all natural, kosher and non-gmo ingredients.  Each bar contains 1Billion strains of Lacto-Bacillus Probiotic along with chicory inulin Prebiotic to balance, protect  and heal the gut.  We use low glycemic sweeteners, high quality proteins, omega-3 rich chia fiber and unrefined coconut oils, for positive health impacts.

Our Company Ethos is Ingredients with purpose And Made with LOVE (Each bar was designed by Wellness expert Diana Stobo who has made her mission to helping people recover better health through good digestion)

We deliver truth through transparency, simplicity, balance, integrity and honesty. We are committed to serving the community health needs , not only by providing great tasting bars of high value for overall health, but to teach the importance of gut health.

Truth bars are so unique in flavor, texture and quality all while delivering functional health benefits clinically proven to make a positive difference in gut health. 

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