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Dr. Schär has developed into a company specialising in foods for people with special dietary needs. In the long term we want to play a leading role in this field. Our mission lays out the guidelines which lead the way towards achievement of our ambitious goals.

Products: Delicious products with valuable ingredients ensure our consumers a balanced nutrition and quality of life through their diet. We guarantee the highest of safety standards in the production of our products.

Innovation: Our success is driven by continuous quality improvements of our products. This is why we put so much emphasis on basic research, product development and production technology.

Service: We want to make life easier for our consumers at home and when out and about, by ensuring the maximum availability of our products and supporting open dialogue with our partners every day.

Growth: We aim towards sustainable growth for our company. We place particular emphasis on the efficient use of resources.

Commitment: We encourage and expect a responsible relationship with our business partners and employees. Economical use of environmental resources is also very important to us