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New Grains Gluten Free Bakery

New Grains Gluten-Free Bakery is a family-owned business located in Provo, UT. Our breads are hand crafted and made to order in our 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery, thus ensuring fresh, safe, and delicious products for our customers.  We distribute our array of gluten-free and vegan-friendly products to restaurants, stores, and individuals nationwide, and we are […]

Our Specialty

Our Specialty™ is a consumer brand with a portfolio of sweet and savory baked goods produced by global food company Rich Products Corporation. Among Our Specialty branded products are a lineup of flatbreads; an assortment of Nut-Free and Tree-Nut-Free Cookies and Sweet Middles Sandwich cookies; and a variety of Gluten Free desserts.


PhillySwirl has been creating innovative, allergen-friendly products that the whole family can enjoy since for over 25 years.  With textures inspired by classic Philadelphia Italian Ice and flavors swirled to perfection using our top secret swirl machine, PhillySwirl has the best frozen treats when you’re craving something sweet! We offer a swirl of unique frozen […]

Rootz Nutrition

The inspiration for Rootz came when I  had taken up the Paleolithic diet in 2011,  and was left with virtually no options for  pre and post-workout supplementation. I  began to realize that most of the  products on the market were loaded with  chemicals and artificial ingredients, often  times dangerous, and almost never  Paleo-approved. As a […]

Safely Delicious

SAFELY DELICIOUS™ snacks are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Soy Free and Egg Free and are made in a dedicated commercial facility containing none of these food allergens.   SAFELY DELICIOUS™ snack bites are also Vegan, have NO Cholesterol, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors or Preservatives and are an excellent source of iron. Facebook: Safely Delicious Twitter: […]

Simply Gluten Free

Carol Kicinski: America’s Gluten Free Voice I am a professional recipe developer, television chef, magazine founder and editor-in-chief, freelance writer and cookbook author. I cook. I write. I travel. And I do it all gluten-free! When it comes to food I believe the most important thing is for it to taste great. My recipes are […]

Sonoma Creamery
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At the core of Sonoma Creamery’s success is a commitment to using the best all natural ingredients, rBST free (no artificial hormones) milk to produce superior cheese. These specialty ingredients are used to craft our flagship Sonoma Jack brand of award winning flavored Jack cheese. Inspired by the vibrant agricultural bounty of Sonoma County the […]


Dinner will taste like you spent all day in the kitchen, but will take less time than doing the dishes (depending on your cooking style, that is!). Spinato’s line of Fine Foods brings together old world flavors and quality with today’s busy lifestyles. So while you won’t need to spend a lot of time to give […]

Stanmar International Inc

Stanmar International Inc., which imports, brokers, markets, manufactures and distributes fast moving consumer products in the international market place. Over the years he has formed strategic alliances with many companies in South Africa, Australia, Mexico, UK, Canadian and the USA. Stanmar International has positive trading relationships with many high-profile international companies such as Pioneer Food […]

Talenti Gelato

Fresh creamy milk. Pure cane sugar. Vanilla straight from the bean. Mangos that make us question what life would be like without mangos. The world is full of ingredients that are great at being delicious – so great, that we knew we had to use them in our gelatos and sorbettos. And we do it […]

Tempt Hemp

Tempt Hemp Products pack more ahhhhh per ounce than any other non-dairy product. Hemp is the oldest cultivated plant known to man. It’s been used for paper, textiles, and cordage for thousands of years. Today hemp is also used for biofuel, plastics and building materials. It’s a miracle plant. The seeds provide a superior source of nutrition. […]


tera’swhey® provides high quality, all natural, great tasting nutrition for a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Starting with carefully sourced whey from small family farms and artisan cheese makers in the dairy heart land of America-Wisconsin. Paired with simple, premium organic ingredients. Crafted in small batches at our green factory that touches the protein and the planet, […]

Theresa Nicassio PhD

Dr. Theresa Nicassio (“The Inclusive Chef”), Registered Psychologist, author, and gourmet raw food chef, is an integrative mind-body wellness expert who has been educating and empowering clients, students and the public since 1987. In addition to other international awards and accolades, including a Silver Medal for the Nautilus Better Books for a Better World Competition, […]

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texas’ oldest legal distillery. We make it in batches, use old-fashioned pot stills, and taste-test every batch. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is designed to be savored by spirit connoisseurs and everyday drinkers alike. Our process, similar to those used to make fine single malt scotches and high-end French […]


About Trifecta: Trifecta sources, cooks and ships 100% Organic Meals from local farmers and delivers them nationwide. Recent studies have pointed to convenience as the #1 reason American’s are overweight, above education, poverty, and all other factors. ( Our company mission is to get America back into shape, and eventually to fundamentally change the food […]

True North Granola

True North Granola was started in 2006 by two lifelong educators, Ingrid and Franklin Chrisco. Franklin was a 5th/6th grade teacher for 41 years, and Ingrid retired in 2014 after a career as an English teacher and a middle school principal for 44 years. Unsatisfied with the taste and quality of the granola options they found in  […]

Truth Bar

What is the truth bar? The truth bar is a nutritionally designed bar that “does as you do”. By design, the truth bar was born with the intention to heal the gut, nourish the body and bring sustained energy and proper macronutrient balance to your body. Why are we different? The truth bar is the first digestive […]

Tuscon Tamale

Happiness sometimes comes in the most unexpected ways.  We love to hear from customers about how they discovered our tamales.  Our tamales are naturally gluten free and because we don’t use lard, we make many vegetarian and vegan varieties. There are countless stories from families that have different dietary needs (vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerance […]

Undercover Chocolate Co.
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THE UNDERCOVER STORY It’s true…I confess…I’m the ultimate double agent…a health conscious chocoholic! When I originally started Undercover Chocolate Co., my goal was to make decadent chocolate covered goodies for events, gifts and holidays. I quickly realized I was shooing away my kids, and hiding all that deliciousness from myself and my husband. People would […]

Yup Brands

ABOUT US B-UP. Body Knowledge Protein Bars. This is not our first trip to gym. Our Yup Brands team brings over four decades of nutritional product experience to the training table. And we’ve put everything we know about good nutrition into creating a Body Knowledge Protein Bar with just the right amount of the body friendly […]


The only nutrient-packed snack bars free of the top 10 allergens (except coconut) and batch tested for cross contact. Delicious, safe for school, peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, soy free. Organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo. ZEGO, gives you Peace of Mind.


You’re probably wondering who’s behind this delicious, nutritious snack. Is it a big brand whose names rhymes with hello? A small group of hipster foodies trying to make their mellenial mark? Or maybe a Silicon Valley startup attempting to disrupt the food industry? No. It’s a mom, named Eriko, with three kids living on Maui. […]