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Proud Sponsor of CDF

Dr. Schär has developed into a company specialising in foods for people with special dietary needs. In the long term we want to play a leading role in this field. Our mission lays out the guidelines which lead the way towards achievement of our ambitious goals. Products: Delicious products with valuable ingredients ensure our consumers […]

Snyder’s Lance
Proud Sponsor of CDF

We attribute our growth to providing quality snack products at fair prices to our consumers. Our products are distributed nationwide using a combination of our store door distribution system with direct delivery to grocery stores, a distributor network, and a vending and foodservice sales division. We also have a strong international business with sales on […]

So Delicious
Proud Sponsor of CDF

Nestled within Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, So Delicious® Dairy Free has been bringing joy to dairy-free lives for more than twenty-five years. We offer an array of delicious dairy-free delights you can feel good about sipping, biting, pouring, scooping, licking, and chugging throughout your day. From our world-class allergen-testing program to the innovative work we […]

TH Foods (Crunchmaster/Harvest Stone)
Proud Sponsor of CDF

At TH Foods, Inc., our mission is to ensure safe, high quality, grain-based products to customers and consumers. Founded in 1984, Sesmark Foods Inc. began producing baked sesame sticks.  Our company grew steadily, adding fried sesame sticks, corn sticks and baked wheat crackers to our product lineup. In 1989 Mitsubishi Corporation and Kameda Seika joined […]

Trans Ocean
Proud Sponsor of CDF

Trans-Ocean Products, Inc. opened its doors in the fall of 1985. Our location in Bellingham, Washington was selected for its proximity to the cold, clean waters of Alaska from which our key raw materials are sourced. In an area known for its fresh air, beautiful coastline and mountain views, we also found a skilled and […]

Udi’s Gluten Free
Proud Sponsor of CDF

Our mission is to provide you with the best gluten-free food on the planet. We create delicious products that will fill your stomach and warm your soul. The flavor and texture of Udi’s Gluten Free breads, buns, bagels, muffins, cookies and granolas are so good our fans have been known to cry with joy! Click […]


ACELMEX, AC is an association that provides information about celiac disease and gluten-free diet, advises on social, educational problems and promotes multiple activities to benefit this sector.

Alessio Fasano, MD

World-renowned pediatric gastroenterologist, research scientist, and entrepreneur Alessio Fasano, M.D., founded the Center for Celiac Research in 1996. The Center offers state-of-the art research, clinical expertise, and teaching for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gluten-related disorders, including celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergy. Trained in Naples, Italy, as a pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. […]

Bare Bones Broth

Free of preservatives and anything artificial, Bare Bones bone broths are the real deal. They’re high in protein, gelatinous when cold, …fragrant when hot, loaded with nutrients and so tasty you won’t believe they’re good for you. They are packaged in rad spouted pouches for easy pouring and storing so you can enjoy all the […]


For generations and the most part of ancient societies, legumes have been the source of essential nutrition and nutriments. Legumes can literally replace any meal and provide humans with protein, fiber and veggies in a single serving. With today’s technology and industry knowhow Bentilia© has converted simple lentils and beans into a pasta form. Using […]

Casa de Sante

We believe that health is found in nature. We make all natural vegan, gluten free, FODMAP Friendly certified foods using the finest fruits, herbs and spices. Our products are developed by Onyx Adegbola, MD PhD, a physician scientist and former pharmaceutical executive. Dr Adegbola received her PhD at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed her medical training […] was founded in 1995 by Scott Adams, co-author of the book Cereal Killers, founder and publisher of Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, and founder of The Gluten-Free Mall, who had a single goal for the site: To help as many people as possible with celiac disease get diagnosed and living a happy, healthy gluten-free life. has become an […]

Chandice Probst, Tana Besendorfer

Gluten Free on a Budget cookbook makes living gluten-free delicious without breaking the bank. Divine recipes, lifestyle tips and even pantry advice! Mother/daughter team Chandice Probst of Gluten Free Frenzy, the #1 Gluten Free Giveaway Site, and Tana Besendorfer have joined forces to create a one of a kind gluten-free cookbook. Gluten Free on a Budget takes the […]

Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods was founded by a well traveled Naturopathic Doctor who discovered the powerful effect traditional foods were having in their native cultures. He was inspired to share these ancient superfoods with the rest of the world – and so our journey began.

Cliffside Malibu

Cliffside Malibu is the world’s leading evidence-based addiction treatment center. Located in a private, ocean-view setting in Malibu, California, Cliffside is internationally recognized for its top-notch, personalized care and proven treatment protocol, based upon scientific principles derived from the world’s leading thinkers in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, and whole-health practices. Cliffside Malibu is committed to treating […]

Crown Prince

Crown Prince, Inc. has three sustainability initiatives at work every day at our company: Corporate: Reduce our carbon footprint. Crown Prince, Inc. (CPI) sets a target of reducing emissions from electricity usage every year since 2009. CPI meets this goal through company-wide behavioral changes as well as support of grid sourced renewable energy. CPI supports offsets […]

Daddy Sam’s

Daddy Sam Oglesby wanted to be a cowboy…  In 1883, when Daddy Sam was 16, he rode a stagecoach from Virginia to West Texas. On the last night of the trip, they made him ride on top of the coach because he was the youngest rider.  While on top of the stagecoach his hat blew off and he lost […]

Daniel Leffler, MD MS

Daniel Leffler, MD, MS currently serves as the Director of Research at the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, as the Director of Quality Improvement for the Division of Gastroenterology at BIDMC and is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Leffler currently divides his time between patient care, quality […]

Delight Gluten-Free Magazine

Delight Gluten-Free Magazine is a bi-monthly international food & lifestyle publication for people living with food allergies and sensitivities. Filled with enlightening in-depth articles, glossy photographs and gourmet recipes that are delicious as well as adhering to dietary restrictions, Delight Gluten-Free Magazine is on par with other popular mainstream food magazines on newsstands today. The […]

Dr. Katz (TheraBreath)

America’s Leading Bad Breath Expert Dr. Harold Katz is the founder of The California Breath Clinics and the developer of the TheraBreath line of premium oral care products. He is the internationally recognized expert in the fields of bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones and dry mouth. Known as the ‘Bad Breath Guru’ due to […]

Elmhurst Milked

Elmhurst Milked is an innovative plant-based beverage company. Using a patented cold milling process called ‘milking’, Elmhurst Milked crafts whole food, non-dairy milks that combine the full nutrition of whole nuts with a superior, creamy texture and full flavor. The products contain none of the industrial stabilizers, whiteners, emulsifiers or gums typical of other leading […]