Jessica’s Natural Foods
Proud Sponsor of CDF

It all started with my passion for natural foods. As an avid baker with a background in engineering, I love the science of cooking. I enjoy spending my weekends trying new recipe combinations: What if I add a dash of this? What if I reduce that? I always bake with simple, pure ingredients. My aim is to create food that is delicious and healthy, food that I feel good about eating and sharing.

When a close family member discovered he was gluten-intolerant, I began creating new recipes that he could enjoy. Gluten-free granola was top on the list! Each day, I went to my baking area and experimented. I used gluten-free oats. I incorporated ground flaxseed. I added coconut. For sweetness, I mixed in honey, pure vanilla extract and real maple syrup. As a Michigander, I had come to love locally grown dried cherries and made a batch of fabulous Almond Cherry Granola. As a chocoholic, I made my second flavor Chocolate Chip Granola. Now I could eat chocolate for breakfast and not feel guilty! And finally, my pure and simple Vanilla Maple Granola was born. I shared my granola with family and friends, and everyone fell in love. In the spring of 2009, Jessica’s Natural Foods was born.

Great tasting, gluten-free granola made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients is my mission.

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