Zoe and Her Eyeworthy Button

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Many people enjoy drawing for fun . Zoe, however used her passion for drawing to support Celiac Disease Foundation. Zoe Vanden Berk ,a twelve year old seventh grader who attends Jackson Middle School in Minnesota,  entered the Seventh Annual Button Design for the Community Giving Campaign at Allina Hospitals and Clinics. The participants were told to design a button that featured Kirby Puckett Eye Mobile and the theme, ” Help. Give. Hope.” Kirby Puckett Eye Mobile is a program that  provides communities’ resources to educate and promote eye health and awareness.  The winning design would be  featured on the 2014 Community Giving Campaign button.  Out of eighty designs and  32,800 votes, Zoe was chosen as the winner. The winner was able to choose the charity of her choice to donate $250. Zoe chose Celiac Disease Foundation as her charity. Zoe chose CDF because she has celiac disease and she likes to help  others who live a gluten-free lifestyle. In addition, Zoe connects to CDF on a personal level because it is an organization that supports both research and awareness, two things that Zoe is passionate about.

zoe button

Zoe’s winning design!

After struggling with stomach problems since the age of four, Zoe was diagnosed with celiac disease in October 2012 at the age of eleven. Since her diagnosis, she has been an advocate for celiac disease. For example, she recently raised over 1,200 dollars for the annual “Making Tracks for Celiac’s 5k’ walk in Victoria, Minnesota. When she’s not drawing or advocating for awareness, Zoe enjoys math and playing video games. In the future, she wants to become an astrophysicists to study space and the planets.  CDF is very proud of Zoe’s accomplishments and of her dedication to promoting celiac awareness. Keeping drawing and advocating Zoe!

zoe check

Zoe holding the winning check to Celiac Disease Foundation.