Award to Support Clinician-Scientists in Independent Careers in Celiac Disease Research

The Celiac Disease Foundation Young Investigator Award (YIA) is a one- to three-year grant totaling up to $180,000 to pay for personnel and/or research expenses. The purpose of the Foundation’s YIA is to encourage exceptional, early-career investigators to pursue independent careers in celiac disease research.

Celiac disease research is disproportionately underfunded, preventing many talented young clinician-scientists from advancing scientific knowledge of the causes of celiac disease, driving the development of better treatments and diagnostic methods, and accelerating the search for a cure. The Celiac Disease Foundation YIA seeks to remove this financial barrier through supporting outstanding, early-career researchers with the funding they need to produce the next breakthrough in celiac disease research.

Award Details

Award Amount: up to $60,000 per year (subject to progress report approval)
Duration of Award: One to three years
Application Deadline: June 1, 2022
Funded Award Start Date: October 1, 2022

Applicant Eligibility

  • MD, DO, and/or PhD – or equivalent degree.
  • Candidates holding MD or DO degrees must have at least two years of post-doctoral experience relevant to celiac disease. Candidates holding PhD degrees must have at least one year of  post-doctoral research relevant to celiac disease.
  • Employed by a research institution (public non-profit, private non-profit, or government) engaged in health-related research within the United States.


Selection Process

The Celiac Disease Foundation YIA is intended to support a research project on a basic, translational, or clinical topic with the potential to transform the understanding and/or management of celiac disease. Criteria for selection will include both the research proposal itself and the potential of the applicant to make future scientific and/or clinical contributions to the celiac disease field. Strong emphasis will be placed on the career development plan and the applicant’s personal statement, in addition to the research proposal. The research proposal should focus on research projects with the potential to directly impact and improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with celiac disease. Applications will be reviewed by the Celiac Disease Foundation’s Research Committee. Award recipient will be announced the first day of September each year.

Award Sponsor

This Young Investigator Award is made possible through restricted research donations to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact Julia McBeth by email at or telephone at 818.716.1513 Ext. 101.

2019 YIA Recipients

Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl, MD

Dr. Jocelyn Silvester, MD

Valerie Abadie, PhD