Write the Editor

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A great way to raise awareness about celiac disease is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. To do this, go to the publication’s website and follow the directions posted about writing to the editor. Be sure to submit your letter to the correct person in the requested format or your letter will not be considered. Below are tips on writing a successful letter to the editor.

  • Keep it short: Your letter should be between 150-300 words. Any longer than 300 words and your letter will most likely not be posted. Also, write in short sentences without the use of excessive words.
  • Get to the point: Make your main point in the first paragraph.
  • Be unique: Avoid cliches and hyperboles. Use creative language to make your letter stand out among the rest.
  • Make a local connection: Talk about what it’s like to live gluten-free in your town, or estimate how many people are affected by celiac disease in your town (multiply the population of your town by 0.01).
  • Proofread: Check your letter for grammatical errors and typos so that the editor can publish your letter with no changes.
  • Sign the letter with your name, email address and phone number: The publication will contact you before publishing your letter to make sure that you are a real person.
  • Monitor: Check the publication frequently to see if your letter is published. Be sure to email info@celiac.org to let us know if your letter is featured!

Visit the Legislative Action Center.