Share Your Story on Social Media

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Your personal social media accounts can be valuable, powerful tools for advocacy. The most common platforms are Facebook and Twitter, but with creativity, any of the other outlets (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) could be utilized. Use your network and influence in your favorite social media outlets to engage your friends in your personal advocacy campaign.



Tweet about how celiac disease affects your life, or tweet directly at your representatives to encourage them to take action. Elected officials love Twitter, because they can quickly and concisely hear your concerns. They  may even respond! Be sure to follow @celiacdotorg for updates and tweets from Celiac Disease Foundation, and tag us in your tweets about celiac disease.



Use your network on Facebook to raise awareness about celiac disease. Share your personal story about how living with celiac disease has affected your life, or share the change in your life before and after diagnosis. Also, be sure to like Celiac Disease Foundation’s page on Facebook. We post updates, research articles and recipes that can serve as valuable resources. Sharing the posts from Celiac Disease Foundation’s Facebook page with your friends is another easy way to spread the word.