Tasty Meditation: Tales From A Gluten Free Kitchen

I am a NYC-based foodie who is in love with her kitchen! Gluten free news, giveaways, product reviews, restaurant recommendations, recipes – I want to connect with you and help empower you to take charge of your gluten free life!

Join me in discussing relationships, the importance of Celiac screening, how to navigate the truth behind gluten free labeling/FDA regulations, learning what 20ppm really means, and many more important topics.

While being a Celiac Disease advocate is my top priority, I am exceedingly passionate about highlighting high-quality companies and restaurants that are dedicated to the gluten free/allergen friendly community, often featuring new/local businesses.

I always try to see things in a positive light. My Celiac diagnosis gave me the tools to quite literally save my own life. But let’s face it – Celiac Disease is hard. However, if we stick together we can become stronger both as individuals and as a community.

*Jessica (aka Tasty Meditation) is the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group (the largest gluten free Meetup Group in the world) and has been featured on The Celiac Project Podcast and NBC Nightly News.