T1D Exchange

T1D Exchange pushes the boundary of the traditional research and development model by connecting the experience of living with T1D to the data about the disease. The result is a place where different perspectives are exchanged and faster progress can be made.

As a nonprofit facilitator we work to optimize T1D stakeholder clinical and research efforts by creating an integrated and patient-centric model with experts, data/evidence, samples, and patients comprising an end-to-end system to support the entire process of discovery to delivery.

Our integrated model puts people at the center of a comprehensive ecosystem with four key components: A Clinic Network of 70+ clinics across the US, a Clinic Registry with data from 26,000+ people with T1D, a Biobank housing a vast collection of biosamples, and Glu, the patient/caregiver online community. Together, these components accelerate the pace of research and discovery and improve patient care along the way.