Iris Smith, Celiac Disease Tips

With Celiac Disease, come other autoimmune diseases.  The longer it goes undiagnosed, the more damage to the gut and your immune system.  I ended up with two other autoimmune diseases. I found that our choices in foods that we eat each day have a great deal of effect on our day to day health.   So being a Celiac can make it even more challenging.  When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in the mid 90’s, there wasn’t much known about it.  It was believed to be a pediatric diagnosis.   And there weren’t all the gluten free choices we find in stores and restaurants today.

Once I realized the seriousness of the disease, it was incentive enough to strive for gluten free living!  So I began cooking at home, taking family recipes and converted them to Gluten free!  I had wonderful comments from family members and friends, stating they couldn’t tell things were gluten free and loved my cooking.  I was having fun, and others were helping.

I had such fun I started doing a little video here and there.  And then I decided to do a book, encouraged by friends and family.  But before I did the book I wanted to blog my recipes I was cooking.  I wanted to take family recipes and combine them with family memories not only for keepsake for my family, but also to share with others.  I hope the recipes and stories in this blog, inspire you as they have me.