Are you living with celiac disease and type 1 diabetes? You’re not alone; celiac disease is one of the most frequent autoimmune disorders occurring in people with type 1 diabetes (occurs in roughly 6% of patients).

Glu  is an active and diverse type 1 diabetes online community where thousands of people are connecting, sharing ideas and providing support around topics that matter most—including celiac disease .

When you take part on Glu, you aren’t just connecting with others, you are also helping to provide real-time insights to the clinical and research community. It’s a place where your voice is not only heard—it really matters in improving our lives.

Currently, Glu has a member community of 11,400+ individuals touched by T1D—and is growing each day.

Glu is part of T1D Exchange —an organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people touched by T1D by facilitating better care and accelerating new therapies on the path to cures.

Our integrated model puts people at the center of a comprehensive ecosystem with four key components: a Clinic Network of 70+ clinics across the US, a Clinic Registry with data from 26,000+ people with T1D, a Biobank housing a vast collection of biosamples, and Glu. Together, these components accelerate the pace of research and discovery and improve patient care along the way.