Celiac Disease Center at Barnabas Ambulatory Health Care Center

The Kogan Celiac Center of Barnabas Health offers comprehensive testing and treatment for Celiac Disease for adults and children. The Center is dedicated to providing expert services that include early assessment and diagnosis, treatment, education and support to improve the health and well being of those who live with Celiac Disease.

Initial assessment begins with a review of the patient’s personal and family medical histories, conducted by our Registered Dietitian. If indicated, blood tests are conducted as an initial screening tool at the time of the visit. Medical diagnosis of Celiac Disease is confirmed through an additional GI procedure after appropriate physician referral. Clinical guidelines are provided for the patient and referring physician with recommended follow-up care.

Nutrition counseling is provided to help develop an understanding of how to live well with Celiac Disease. The program includes a comprehensive initial one-and-a-half-hour nutrition counseling session and three follow-up sessions within the first year, with additional sessions to be scheduled as needed.

An ongoing, monthly support group is provided, with community education programs and outreach offered on a continuous basis.

Access to physician specialists, such as gastroenterologists, is available for patients as needed through Barnabas Health. On-going communication with and monitoring by each patient’s physician helps to assure that nutritional needs are being met.