TKO All Natural Gluten Free Whey Protein Bars Coconut Date Chia Crunch – 2.65oz

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Passionately inspired. Hand crafted, unrefined & unprocessed. A delicious, healthy alternative to commercially mass-produced bars. Tested & chosen by health enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, sports enthusiasts as well as seniors too. Unparalleled digestive health benefits for regularity. Nice source of complex carbs & protein. No blood sugar spike as it’s absorbed slowly in the bloodstream.

Allergens & Preferences


Whey Protein Isolate, Whole Grain Raw GF Rolled Oats, Quinoa Flakes, Organic Sunflower Seed Butter, Unsulfured Molasses, Organic Unsweeteened Shredded Coconut, Organic Flaxseed Meal, Grape Seed Oil or Sunflower Oil, Raw Moscovado Cane (-5% of total recipe), Cinnamon, Salt, Spring Water.