Green Lentil Elbow 8 oz x 12 Pack

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Bentilia pasta, a healthy choice, simply more than just pasta! Bentilia is a SINGLE INGREDIENT pasta made with the finest North American non-GMO legumes (beans). Beans are extremely healthy for both mankind and our beloved planet. Beans also improve the sustainability of cropping systems, growing pulse crops in rotation with other crops enables the soil environment to support new growth.

Bentilia legume pasta is 100% natural and also gluten free by nature. It’s a power house of natural vitamins and deep minerals. Certified GF, non-GMO, vegan & kosher, made in a dedicated allergen free facility. Bentilia is an excellent source of dietary fiber 42% DV, making it diabetic-friendly & heart-healthy too. It also provides 25% protein per serving, iron, B vitamins, Zinc & Calcium and significant Folate.

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