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B-UP. Body Knowledge Protein Bars.

This is not our first trip to gym.

Our Yup Brands team brings over four decades of nutritional product experience to the training table. And we’ve put everything we know about good nutrition into creating a Body Knowledge Protein Bar with just the right amount of the body friendly ingredients to help you succeed.

B-Up and B-Jammin’ Protein Bars are uniquely formulated to deliver great taste and great results by working in harmony with your body and your taste buds.

Holy macros!
If eating a protein bar is your idea of a religious experience, you might want to rethink your value system. However, we freely admit to being religiously fanatical about the ingredients we use in every B-Up and B-Jammin’ formula.

Why is that? Because your body knows when you’re treating it right, and it reacts positively to help you perform at your highest levels.

Your body also knows when you’re trying to fool it, and it reacts in a range of negative ways. When you eat a super sweet protein bar that’s loaded with hidden levels of sugar, your body lets you know you’ve been busted by serving up that lingering chemical aftertaste, bloating, or even explosive diarrhea. Ouch! Not exactly the way you planned on getting a little exercise, right?

B-UP front with it.
We’re all about honest macros and honest value.