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About Trifecta:

Trifecta sources, cooks and ships 100% Organic Meals from local farmers and delivers them nationwide.

Recent studies have pointed to convenience as the #1 reason American’s are overweight, above education, poverty, and all other factors. (

Our company mission is to get America back into shape, and eventually to fundamentally change the food supply chain to improve animal welfare, reduce shipping costs, and eliminate all packaging.

How Trifecta Works:

You live a busy life, and making eating healthy day in and day out, every meal of the day, extremely difficult. Instead of grocery shopping, cooking, washing dishes, or spending hundreds eating out, Trifecta buys the highest quality Organic ingredients available on the market, our chefs cook them to perfection, and we delivery them directly to your door.

Our meals are never frozen, and are vacuum sealed immediately after being made, chilled overnight in our walk-in fridges, and sent FedEx Next Day Air directly to your door. We offer free shipping to all 50 states, and our meals are perfectly macronutrient balanced so you can eat healthier than you ever have before in your life, easier than you ever have before in your life.