Daddy Sam’s

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Daddy Sam Oglesby wanted to be a cowboy…

 In 1883, when Daddy Sam was 16, he rode a stagecoach from Virginia to West Texas. On the last night of the trip, they made him ride on top of the coach because he was the youngest rider. 

While on top of the stagecoach his hat blew off and he lost it. He got off the stagecoach in Mertzon, Texas and bought a new cowboy hat with his last five dollars from a 14 year old girl at the General store. Two years later they eloped against her father’s strong and reasonable objections!

 He mortgaged his horse to pay for the two train tickets to San Angelo, Texas. Once there they went directly to courthouse, interrupted a trial in session and asked the judge to marry them. The judge stopped the trial and the jury served as witnesses.

Then they went home to face the music. They were married for over 50 years and raised eight children on a ranch with no running water and no electricity.  Everyone called him Daddy Sam.

Daddy Sam’s Bar-B-Que Sawce was born on his ranch in West Texas. The Oglesby family had a lot of family picnics and made a lot of Barbeque. Carefully nurtured through the generations, this great sawce is now available to you. We make it with all natural ingredients just like back on the ranch.  We hope you like it.

See the picture to the right taken for their 60th wedding anniversary!  This is the same picture of Daddy Sam we put on every jar!