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Ama’s introduces a new product into the United States.

Casabe is a gluten free flatbread. It is made with the Yucca root, which is grown in the Dominican Republic. Under the brand name Casabi, we are excited to finally be able to distribute it nationwide. It is rare to find all of these attributes in a manufactured gluten free product: one ingredient, complements everything, priced affordably, hand made by an Artisan community worth supporting and best of all, IT REALLY DOES TASTE GREAT.

Its production and consumption go back to prehispanic times, and it is made of yucca, or manioc, also known as bitter yucca (Manihot esculenta).

Due to its properties of preservation,  yucca was one of the fundamental sources of nourishment for the native population in northern South America, it was part of the traditional Taino diet, the native inhabitants of the Caribbean.