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The Caremoli tradition began in 1908 in Italy with the founding of the Caremoli family confectionery business. As the family business grew, Caremoli Group has become a leader in the food ingredient industry for more than 20 years. Today, Caremoli is excited to be launching a brand new line of gluten free and lactose free products readily available to consumers. Thanks to our market specialists, we pride ourselves on being able to offer safe, innovative and delicious products that are just a click away!

The adventurous choice of entering the market for finished products, came about when we realized the lack of diversity of products on the market for those who have dietary restrictions due to food allergies, or lifestyle choices. We put ourselves in your shoes, and we felt your struggle. We want to make your life easier and, tastier. We want everyone, to have their guilty pleasure and not have to sacrifice good taste or scramble to find it. When you shop Caremoli Gluten Free, rest assured that we did the hard work for you in order to provide a product that you can trust and simply enjoy.

Our strong motivation to serve our customers drove innovation. Our team has valuable years of experience creating alternative and avant-garde recipes simply because they know the ingredients; our R&D department has been working behind the scenes for decades. Today, they take the spotlight. Today, we’re changing the game and taking it to a whole new level.

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