Change Your Page To Giving Tuesday Theme

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Steps to Change Your Personal Student Ambassador or TGF Page to the #GivingTuesday Theme

*First, sign in to your Student Ambassador or TGF Page, or Join Team Gluten-Free, via (right, upper corner)

*Increase your Fundraising Goal. Let’s each reach $500; I know you can do it! BY DECEMBER 31, 2017, raise $100 and receive a Team Gluten-Free Signature Water Bottle. Raise $250 and receive a pair of Team Gluten-Free Signature Sunglasses and the TGF Water Bottle. Raise $500 or more and receive two free tickets to the 2018 CDF National Gluten-Free Expo, a TGF Hat, a pair of TGF Sunglasses, and a TGF Water Bottle!

*To do this, click “Change My Goal”

  • Here, you can change your fundraising goal
  • Click “Update”
  • Click “Back to My Headquarters”

*Next, click on the “My Webpage” tab or “Build/Edit My Webpage”

  • Change Line 1 and Line 2 to something more specific to #GivingTuesday
  • Suggestions: “Welcome to [YOUR NAME]’s #GivingTuesday Page!” “Support the Celiac Disease Foundation this #GivingTuesday!” “The Season of Giving is Here!”

*Next, change your Webpage Image

  • Click “Select” an image from the library
  • If you have more than one current image, you will need to “Delete” one to upload a new one. Don’t worry, you can always easily change it back!
  • Click “Browse”
  • In the Standard Image Library choose the “Giving Tuesday Logo” photo
  • Click “Assign”
  • Click “Preview” your Webpage to ensure everything is in place
  • Click “Submit” to save your updated #GivingTuesday page

*Finally, click on the “Email” tab or “Send Emails to Friends and Family”

  • Enter a Greeting (the Greeting will be inserted at the top of your email. This field is used to address the person to whom you are sending the email. Greeting examples: Hi John, Dear John, Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Cherished supporter.)
  • Enter the Recipient Email that aligns with the “Greeting” row
  • Choose the Giving Tuesday Template
  • Preview the Email
  • SEND the email to friends and family members reminding them of the importance of giving, especially on #GivingTuesday
  • After receiving a donation, use the Giving Tuesday Thank You Letter template to send a letter of appreciation to your donors


Don’t forget to “share” your updated #GivingTuesday page on social media! Simply click the various social media tabs on the right, or copy and paste the link of your page. Also, check out our Social Media Toolkit. Use the hashtag #GivingTuesday when posting about your campaign on social media.