Diagnostic Tools

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Glutenostics is the exclusive North American provider of GlutenDetect, rapid in-home tests for detecting gluten in urine and stool. Similar to a pregnancy test, users apply a stool or urine sample to one end of a plastic stick. Results display in less than 15 minutes, with a single blue line indicating that no gluten was detected, and both a blue and red line indicating that gluten was detected. GlutenDetect can detect gluten in stool for up to four days from ingestion, and in urine for up to 24 hours. Available by year end, test kits will be sold over-the-counter as a tool to determine compliance with the gluten-free diet.

In addition to commercializing new testing devices, Glutenostics is also mounting initiatives to provide other technologies to unify the gluten-free community, improve technical education, and ensure compliance with the diet. To learn more, visit glutenostics.com.