What is gluten?

Gluten is protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It is made up of two other proteins known as gliadin and glutenin.

Can I use the Celiac Disease Foundation Logo to Promote my Event or Product?

CDF Team Gluten-Free members are not allowed to use the Celiac Disease Foundation logo on their materials. Celiac Disease Foundation holds several large-scale events each year that are organized by CDF staff, and does not want the public to perceive that CDF Team Gluten-Free events or product sales are Foundation-sponsored. By using the CDF Team Gluten-Free logo instead of the Celiac Disease Foundation logo, it is clear that the member is a part of CDF Team Gluten-Free, supporting the Foundation, but that the event is not a Foundation-sponsored event.

What is CDF Team Gluten-Free?

CDF Team Gluten-Free™ is Celiac Disease Foundation’s grassroots fundraising program.  CDF Team Gluten-Free members participate in athletic events from marathons to golf tournaments, and use their passion and talents to create unique fundraisers like movie nights, foosball tournaments, pub crawls, mitzvah projects, wedding favors, and even virtual walks!  Monies raised by CDF Team Gluten-Free members support CDF’s advocacy, education and research programs.

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Does Celiac Disease Foundation issue tax receipts?

Yes. Celiac Disease Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code. When you contribute over $5 to CDF, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes. Our tax ID number is 95-4310830. For all other donations, your canceled check or credit card statement can serve as record of your donation.

You can expect your receipt for your donation within one to three weeks from the date you send it in. If you make your gift online, your receipt will be emailed to you.

If you are making a recurring donation through your credit card, your contribution will be charged automatically on the day and the frequency you have selected. You will receive an annual statement summarizing your gifts to CDF  (either electronic or hard copy), and your credit card statements serve as additional record of your contribution.

Does CDF sell, rent or share donor information (e.g., mailing and e-mail addresses and phone numbers) to other agencies?

The privacy of our donors is very important to us and we do not share or sell this information.

How can I obtain another gift receipt?

To obtain a duplicate gift receipt, please call us at (818) 716-1513, x101 or email us at info@celiac.org with your full name as it appeared on your donation, your address, the date you made the donation and the amount. Please include a phone number or email address so we may contact you.

How do I make a donation in honor or memory of someone?

To make a donation, please visit our Tribute Gifts page. Celiac Disease Foundation will mail an acknowledgment card to your designated recipient(s), letting them know of your gift (the amount of the gift is not included.)  You will receive a gift receipt for income tax purposes.

You may also call us at (818) 716-1513, x101 or mail a check to:  Celiac Disease Foundation, 20350 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 240, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.  Please provide the the name of the person for whom you are making the tribute, and the name and mailing address of anyone you would like to receive an acknowledgment card.

I want to make a credit card gift, but I don’t want to submit my information through the Internet.

While Celiac Disease Foundation offers a secure website at cdf.thankyou4caring.org, you may also make a gift via phone or mail. To make a gift by phone, please call (818) 716-1513, x101 Or, you can mail a check to us at:  Celiac Disease Foundation, 20350 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 240, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

How do I contact the Foundation about a donation?

Thank you for your generosity in supporting our fight against celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. If you have questions about how to help, please contact us during business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 6 pm PST) by phone at (818) 716-1513 or via email to info@celiac.org. If you call or email outside of business hours, please leave a message and we will respond the next business day.

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease, found in some genetically predisposed individuals, is an autoimmune disorder where ingested gluten activates the immune system and results in damage to the small intestine.

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