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“Brain Fog” Improves in Celiac Disease Patients After Starting a Gluten-Free Diet


Celiac disease, typically thought of as a gastrointestinal disease, has a wide variety of symptoms that can affect other parts of the body including the mind. Many people with celiac disease report having “brain fog”, a form of cognitive impairment that can encompass disorientation, problems with staying focused and paying attention, and lapses in short-term […]

CDF Camp Gluten-Free™ Registration

Camp registration is on a first come-first served basis. To register, you must send your completed camp registration forms, one registration packet for each camper or Mentor, with a $200 deposit to Celiac Disease Foundation. You will receive a letter from Celiac Disease Foundation confirming the camper or Mentor’s spot at the camp. Only campers […]

CDF Camp Gluten-Free Welcome

VIRTUAL CAMP OPEN HOUSE CDF Camp Gluten-Free™ Director Johnny McLaughlin will answer all of your camp questions: March 18th at Noon and 7pm April 15th at Noon and 7pm Call in to the open house: 1+ 213-416-1560 Passcode: 195 386 132 During the open house, parents may schedule a time with Johnny to visit Camp […]