2016 Stories of Hope

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We thank you for your generous support of Celiac Disease Foundation’s
Gift of Hope Campaign. Your gift will provide hope for treatments and a cure for the millions of people living with celiac disease. This year, your dollars will go even further with CDF’s Board of Director’s Challenge Match. CDF’s Board of Directors has generously committed to match every dollar, up to $100,000 donated through this year’s Gift of Hope Campaign.

Dr. Randy Morris M.D.Randy Morris
Dr. Randy Morris, Medical Director at Naperville Fertility Center, discusses a link between celiac disease and infertility and miscarriage. Recently, Celiac Disease Foundation published results from the iCureCeliac® national patient registry. 12% of the women in the registry reported infertility before their diagnosis, but only 3% still had fertility problems after diagnosis. 19% reported having miscarriages before diagnosis, but only 2% had miscarriages after diagnosis. Read More. Watch NowDonate Today.



Elliott Taft: Elliott Taft has been with Celiac Disease Foundation for more than 25 years. He became involved when he heard this statement from a friend about his little girl: “Nobody knew what was wrong with her.” It was incredible to Elliott that a little girl was at the point of death after dozens of visits to doctors because none had thought to test her for celiac disease. Read More. Watch NowDonate Today.



pacoleonDr. Francisco Leon: Francisco is CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Celimmune, a pharmaceutical company entering Phase 2 clinical trials for a new drug to treat “refractory” celiac disease, and the Chairman of the Advisory Board at Glutenostics, a company that is seeking to introduce in the U.S. a test for gluten exposure that can be used in the home or at a doctor’s office. Read More. Watch NowDonate Today.



Craig PintoCraig Pinto is a former college and professional football player, and former college ice-hockey player who lives with both Crohn’s disease and celiac disease. After his celiac disease diagnosis, he struggled with depression, living in fear of what his body was going through. It took seven years after his diagnosis to regain his confidence in sports and develop a desire to help others with celiac disease. Read MoreWatch NowDonate Today.



Maizy BoosinMaizy won the television cooking competition Chopped Junior on the Food Network earlier this year. Incredibly, Maizy, now 13 years old, has celiac disease, and she donated a significant portion of her winnings to the Celiac Disease Foundation because she wanted to help others like her. Read More. Watch NowDonate Today.


Rhonda ResnickSince her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 – after almost 10 years of misdiagnosis – she has become immersed in educating herself about the disease. She is a fierce and passionate advocate about raising celiac awareness in the community, which led to her joining the CDF Board of Directors. Her husband was also recently diagnosed with celiac disease. Read More. Watch NowDonate Today.


Elan Gilbert: Elan would vomit, sometimes several times a day, for no apparent reason. Doctors said they could find nothing wrong with him. When Elan started kindergarten, his vomiting increased and it became very embarrassing for him. A new pediatric gastroenterologist wanted to have Elan tested for celiac disease. A blood test and follow-up endoscopy confirmed the diagnosis. Within one week, Elan stopped vomiting. Read More. Watch NowDonate Today.


james-watson-headshotJim Watson: Jim was diagnosed with celiac disease in April 2012 and with microscopic colitis in August 2013. Jim attended his first Celiac Disease Foundation Annual Meeting in the spring of 2014. At the Annual Meeting, Jim instantly connected with a brief speech given by the current CDF Board Chair, Marc Riches, and eagerly wanted to be a part of the CDF team. Jim is passionate about CDF’s role as an advocate for all of those afflicted with celiac disease or other gluten related disorders and is extremely excited to be the incoming Board Chair. Read More. Watch NowDonate Today.