Has your state issued a proclamation to recognize May 16 as Celiac Disease Awareness Day?

Each year, elected officials across the country make formal proclamations recognizing May 16 as Celiac Disease Awareness Day. They do this in response to requests from people like you! As the Celiac Disease Foundation receives proclamations, the corresponding states on our map will turn blue for celiac disease awareness.

Why Request a Proclamation?

Proclamations help inform others about the seriousness of celiac disease and show that our elected officials care about their residents suffering from celiac disease. Receiving a proclamation can boost media attention and may even prompt elected officials to consider changes in policy or new legislation that benefits the celiac disease community.

Already Requested a Proclamation? Email [email protected].

If you see that your state has already been requested, but not yet declared, please still submit a request.


How to Request a Proclamation