Marilyn Grunzweig Geller, Chief Executive Officer

Marilyn is Chief Executive Officer for Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), the nation’s leading voluntary health organization for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  A previous Treasurer of the CDF Board of Directors, Marilyn brings more than 20 years of management experience in healthcare and IT operations. A former Los Angeles County and UCLA hospital administrator and RAND Corporation researcher, she served as Vice President of Product Management and Regulatory Compliance Officer for Medversant Technologies, the national provider of healthcare credentials verification services and software applications. A co-founder of Medversant, Marilyn was responsible for the company’s strategic direction and is the lead inventor of the company’s patented technologies. Marilyn’s nonprofit experience includes board positions with the Olive View-UCLA Foundation, UCLA Health Services Alumni Association and Alpha Chi Omega.

Becoming CDF’s Chief Executive Officer marks a return to her roots in public health advocacy. Selected as a Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Fellow, Marilyn received her MSPH degree from the UCLA School of Public Health and her undergraduate degree from UCLA. The mother of a son with celiac disease, undiagnosed until the age of 15 despite lifelong symptoms, Marilyn is a determined advocate for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity advocacy, education and research.

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Deborah J. Ceizler, Chief Development Officer

Deborah is Chief Development Officer for Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), the nation’s leading voluntary health organization for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Deborah brings a diverse background in advertising, marketing and event planning to CDF. She previously served as CDF’s Director of Marketing.

Deborah provides senior leadership and strategic direction for CDF fund raising campaigns and special events. During her tenure as Director of Marketing at CDF, fundraising campaign revenues have increased by 600 percent through program expansion and business development. Deborah’s effective strategies and implementation have helped to raise the profile of the organization on a national level. In support of the CDF mission, Deborah has identified and cultivated relationships in the healthcare and lay communities, as well as food manufacturing and food service industries. She is responsible for the planning and management of CDF’s National Education Conference and Gluten-Free EXPO, which draws national attendance and features lectures from the nation’s leading medical experts in celiac disease in addition to a vast array of exhibitors.

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Maya Blackburn, Development Coordinator

Maya is the Development Coordinator at Celiac Disease Foundation. Since starting her career with CDF in 2012, Maya has played an integral role in planning and implementing our Annual Conferences & Gluten-Free EXPOs, social media campaigns, special fundraising events, and sponsor relationships. Maya also manages Celiac Disease Foundation U, which is a nationwide college chapter program dedicated to fostering a supportive community for students, faculty and alumni affected by celiac disease and other gluten-related sensitivities.

Because she was advised by her physician to go gluten-free prior to being tested for celiac disease, Maya believes she is part of the 83% of people living with celiac disease without a diagnosis.  Maya is a strong advocate for testing prior to making any dietary changes.

Since going gluten-free, Maya enjoys helping others by raising awareness in those unfamiliar with celiac disease and living gluten-free.  In addition to working with CDF and volunteering in other non-profit organizations, Maya has professional experience in the food service and sales industry. Among other activities, Maya enjoys cooking, baking and traveling. It is her passion to show people that you can live happy, eat healthy, and travel the world, all while staying gluten-free.

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saul-geller-smallSaul Geller, Medical Writer

Saul joins CDF as INSIGHT Editor and Medical Writer.  A recent graduate of the University of Arizona, Saul received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, with a minor in Mathematics.  With a brother with celiac disease, Saul is a strong advocate for advancing research to improve the quality of life for all people affected by gluten-related disorders.

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Sheri Orloff, Office Administrator

Sheri coordinates CDF’s diverse administrative and technical functions and ensures that day-to-day operations and special projects run smoothly.

Prior to joining Celiac Disease Foundation, she held positions with major corporations – Orkin Pest Control, McCaw Communications, and IKON Office Solutions – encompassing accounts payable/receivable and information technology. For much of her career Sheri has been self-employed. She operated a secretarial/notary service for ten years, and since 2001 has owned an online retail business in partnership with her husband.

Marianne Brooks, National Education Conference Volunteer Coordinator

Marianne Brooks is the Volunteer Coordinator for the CDF National Education Conference and Gluten-Free EXPO held each spring in Los Angeles, CA. Marianne was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 and has been involved in CDF activities since that time. She currently owns a small business in the South Bay, CA, and prior to this, spent 28 years in a Global Telecommunications company as the Director of Service Delivery. Marianne is very involved in her community, serving as an emergency room volunteer at a local medical center, and a volunteer at a Feed the Needy program. Marianne’s professional experience combined with her passion for celiac awareness and serving the community brought her to her role at CDF.

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Justin Tsui, TeamLogic IT

Justin and his TeamLogic IT staff provide CDF with in-depth experience and insight in IT strategy development and management. Passionate about non-profits, TeamLogic IT brings clarity, simplicity and coherent IT strategy and solutions to CDF, lowering overall operational costs and optimizing operational efficiency.

Justin holds a Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine, specializing in distributed and fault tolerant computing.


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